Superchunk Is Hyper Enough As It Is

photo by Mike Rich
I originally wrote this post back in June but never did anything with it, as usual. Updated with more recent news and now available for the masses.
Superchunk is one of those bands that I know I can always rely on to put me in a good mood, and they have done so for almost 20 years. Last year they got the remastered and reissued treatment with the excellent albums Here’s Where the Strings Come In and Foolish and the prior year with On the Mouth and No Pocky for Kitty, on Merge, the label Mac McCaughan & Laura Balance run which has released most of Superchunk’s albums.
What prompted this post when this blog has been dead for the better part of the past 2 years? The Chunk put out a new single over the summer entitled “This Summer” but the B-side is a great tack on Banarama’s “Cruel Summer,” which you can check out below (I’m totally wishing it was still summer right now).
The band doesn’t seem to tour much any longer but they had a gig as part of the CBGB Festival at Beekman’s Beer Garden in NYC on July 6th, which I sadly missed. However they have a few upcoming dates as part of funfunfunfest in Austin on November 1st & 2nd. I highly recommend checking them out if you’ve never seen them, Mac has more energy than kids half his age and you never know what songs they are going to pull out!
To make up for lack of posts here are a ton of covers for your ears!
Cruel Summer (Bananarama Cover)
100,000 Fireflies (Magnetic Fields Cover)
Girl U Want (Devo Cover)
Say My Name (Destiny’s Child Cover)
Love Vigilantes (New Order Cover)
Horror Business (Misfits Cover)
Where Eagles Dare (Misfits Cover)
In Between Days (The Cure Cover)
Beat My Guest (Adam and The Ants Cover)
I’ll Be Your Sister (Motorhead Cover)
Brand New Love (Sebadoh Cover)
Lying In State (The Verlaines Cover)
Nancy Sin (Beat Happening Cover)
Train From Kansas (The Shangri-Las Cover)
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