Don’t Be Afraid To Sing

Last night I finally had the pleasure of seeing Stars live, and not only that, I saw them in an intimate venue in Brooklyn. Tickets went on sale the day before the show and sold out pretty quickly so I was quite pleased to have snagged a couple. Show was advertised as being at 8pm, at which time I arrived only to find out doors were not opened yet. By the time we made our way inside it was already 8:30pm and the band didn’t go on until around 9:45pm, no openers, just a night of Stars. They played almost all the songs I wanted to hear, except my favorite “Elevator Love Letter” which was a little disappointing but I shall live. Torquil Campbell did most of the talking, not that there was much talking and a pregnant Amy Millan stuck to a multitude of Thank You’s, just a full set of music and a constant influx of white roses and rose petals being thrown out to the audience. It was a night I was glad to be part of and I’m loving that larger bands are going back to their roots and doing intimate shows lately.

Stars “Asleep” (The Smiths Cover)
Stars “Hungry Heart” (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
Stars “This Charming Man” (The Smiths Cover)
Amy Millan “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” (Death Cab For Cutie Cover)
Ben Gibbard “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” (Stars Cover)
Jason Collet “Reunion” (Stars Cover)

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  1. 27th July 2011 | Ash says: Reply
    love it. so glad you saw stars!!!! this charming man is still one of my favorite covers (new summer cover is there is a light that never goes out covered by dum dum girls) xo

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