Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Have a Supercrush on Rose Melberg

**I LOVE this skirt!

I am awesome! I managed to miss posting about the holidays this year, I also managed to not post any year-end lists once again this year. I think 2009 was a wash, I'm glad to see it go for many reasons. The last few months have been difficult for me for a variety of reasons but 2010 is a new year, a new decade and I suppose a new start (again), and thus far things seem to be going pretty darn well.

I've been listening to a lot of music on repeat lately on my iphone, as I haven't loaded much in. Unfortunately most of the acts have no covers, especially the newer stuff. So I'm going to focus on the career of the lead singer in one of the long defunct bands that recently found its way to the top of my heart again due to a friends recent facebook post. The band in question is Go Sailor and the driving force behind the band is Rose Melberg.

The adorable Melberg started her musical career in Sacramento, California, (a city I lived in for a few months with quite the decent music scene) with the band Tiger Trap. Tiger Trap were a poppy, punky and all around catchy girl band who unfortunately didn't last as long as they should have. Tiger Trap only put out a couple of singles, a lone amazing self-titled LP and a single EP before calling it quits.

Melberg next started two bands around the same time, The Softies and the aforementioned, Go Sailor, who continued on with the catchy, poppy vibe, just not quite as punky. Go Sailor was formed with Henry's Dress and future Aislers Set (one of my favorite bands) member, Amy Linton. You may be familiar with Go Sailor due to the songs featured in the hilarious movie "But I'm A Cheerleader." Go Sailor was another short-lived band for Melberg, only releasing a handful of singles and appearing on a few compilations, all of which were re-released together on their brilliant self-titled album. Melberg formed The Softies with Jen Sbragia who later went on to All Girl Summer Fun Band. The Softies were Melberg's most prolific band, releasing 3 gorgeous LPs, an EP and a number of singles. The Softies relied almost solely on vocals and guitars and the purity and beauty of Melberg's and Sbragia's voices created some of the sweetest, most stunning songs you have ever heard.

While still in The Softies Melberg played drums in the Canadian band Gaze, who were a happy poppy band that put out a couple full length albums and a number of singles before calling it quits.

For the early part of the new millennium Melberg was quiet. She moved to Canada and started a family with Mint Records owner, Bill Baker and spent time raising their son. In recent years she has put out a couple of solo albums, Cast Away The Clouds and last year's Homemade Ship. Hopefully this means she's back on the musical radar for years to come!

Melberg will always hold a special place in my heart - I think if you give any of her music a listen you will surely agree. If you manage to see her live she is known to pull out songs from some of her former bands, which is always a treat.

I know there are a few other Melberg related covers, if you have them please post them or send them my way.

Go Sailor "Blue Sky" (NAR cover)
The Softies "Together Forever" (Rick Astley Cover)
The Softies "Hey, Hey Girl" (Rocketship Cover)
The Softies "I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Thank God" (Talulah Gosh Cover)
Gaze "Nine Lives To Rigel Five" (Game Theory Cover)
Gaze "Whenever She Holds You" (Patty Duke Cover)
Rose Melberg "I Will" (Beatles Cover)
Rose Melberg "I Love How You Love Me" (The Paris Sisters Cover)

Henry's Dress "Supercrush" (Live Tiger Trap Cover)

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DAViN said...

i am very pleased with this post! i'm also a fan of rose. i've been trying to find that "together forever" song for years so thank you yet again. fantastic blog!

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